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Jul 15, 2024

I’m excited to share a cool new feature we’ve added to ReleaseLoop: Versions.

Picture this. You're managing a release that's not just digital but also involves vinyl and cassettes. Keeping track of all those details can get messy, right? That’s where Versions come in.

In ReleaseLoop, you can now create different versions of your release, each with its own barcode, quantity, and price. It’s perfect for when you want to do a (for example) vinyl run of 200 units priced at $1.99 and a smaller cassette run of 120 units at $2.49. Simply add the details to keep you on track. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to your release in ReleaseLoop.
  • Click on the ‘Versions’ tab.
  • Add a new version, enter the details, and you're set.
Jan 05, 2024

Task templates are here, and we're starting with a 3-week marketing plan. You'll find the templates on your release page. 

You'll see a popup appear, and when selecting the template, ReleaseLoop will auto-generate tasks for you relative to your release date. For example, if your release is in 3 weeks, ReleaseLoop will pick the appropriate dates around the release date for completing the task.